Trudy Beerman
CEO & Owner of Profitable Stewardship, Inc.
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Specialist InThe Speaker who finds a Money Trail in ANY Topic.


Trudy Beerman holds several credentials in the Financial industry that allow her a comprehensive appreciation for what is impacting the markets, our income, and opportunity. She is an unapologetic Christian and does not separate who she is from what she does. Inevitably, Bible will come out in her work and while everyone is welcome here, some may find this to be an issue. That being said, this platform is not for everyone. Trudy is married with 4 children and lives in Tampa, Florida. She was born in Jamaica and many claim to hear that come through faintly in her accent. Pre the recession of 2006-2010, Trudy and her family enjoyed a very comfortable financial lifestyle which was ripped away as Florida was one of the hardest hit in the real estate bubble of that time. She went to the one resource she knew she could count on, and God showed her insights from the Bible which have changed the way she thinks, spends, and does life. As she works to BECOME a more Profitable Steward, she shares her journey and her shortcuts with you.